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Shady Grove Van
Overall Goals
A Classroom
1. To establish and maintain a warm and caring relationship.
2. To maintain an environment that encourages and promotes intellectual and motor development, as well as stimulate all aspects of language and social development.
3. To establish and maintain an environment that enhances and fosters positive self-images and encourages the development of creativity and imagination.
4. To ensure that every learning opportunity is made available to each child, while meeting each child’s individual needs.
5. To offer, on a regular basis, activities which present various cultures, ethnic backgrounds, genders, and levels of ability in a positive manner.
6. To seek parental involvement at all levels.
Social Development
1. To learn, while participating in group activities, the skills of sharing, taking turns, respecting others, and developing self-control.
2. To learn various communication skills by interacting with teachers and friends, using manners, being truthful, and using “words” to communicate feelings and expectations.
3. To learn to accept responsibilities such as taking care of and cleaning up the classroom and self-care.
4. To learn ways to accept differences and diversity of gender roles, racial and cultural backgrounds in children and adults through books, pictures, conversation, objects, and other means.

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